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Use OpenIO SDS as backend for backup softwares


Most of the backup solutions (Veeam, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, CommVault Simpana …) give the possibility to use an object storage as backend via the standard APIs (S3 and open stack SWIFT). As OpenIO SDS comes with an S3/Swift proxy you can use it with your favorite backup solution.

Here is an example using a free backup solution, Duplicati (

Once the software is installed and your OpenIO SDS cluster is running you can configure a new backup task and select your backend storage.

Then you can set your user/password informations. (Here Duplicati is configured with the informations used in the documentation to install the S3/Swift gateway, see

If you want to test the good compatibility of your backup software you can use the OpenIO SDS docker image as a Swift proxy is embedded. The process listen on 6007 and use the tempauth.

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Any idea if there’s any LINUX/CLI app that makes incremental backups? MySQL backup would also be great. I’ve used R1 for a very long time, but they don’t have support for S3.


For Linux you can use Duplicity. It works with many backends like S3 and Swift.
Take a look too at the simpler frontend for Duplicity named Duply.