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OpenIO REST API Reference



Based on what I have understood the end points for accessing a service is through gateways such as OpenIO REST API/S3/Swift API.

Can I use the C library to connect to the oio-sds If the C client is say running on another server ? Because the oio URL only specifies namespace and no specific node or IP address.

Is there a recommended best practice on which method yields the best performance?

Can you also please point me to the reference specification of oio-sds native REST API.

Thank you!


Hi linuxmonk,

Sure, you can run the C client on a distant server, you will need to set something like that in your conf file:



Here are the informations to write your own client:

Hope it fits your needs!

Regarding the best practice, could you be a bit more specific?




Hello Maxime,

Thanks once again for the helpful reply and the links. I’ll look at these!

Clicking on the wiki link on OpenIO github page doesn’t give a landing/first page for these links you’ve mentioned. And I couldn’t find these on

Regarding best/recommended approach, I was referring to performance/overhead of using various interfaces such as C Library (which I believe will be the fastest barring the network speed between the client and the server), vs. Open IO Native REST API, vs S3 gateway vs. SWIFT etc. Which of these methods offer better performance, security, backward compatibility etc.

Thank you.


Hi @linuxmonk,

Indeed, we are currently re-shapping our documentation website, so you may face some issues.

You’re right, the C Library is most efficient and compatible one.
You can find an exemple of usage here:

Does this help you to move forward?



Hello Guillaume

Thank you. Yes the replies are helpful for me to move ahead. I am writing test code which I will later integrate into my project.

Thanks again.


Unfortunately, the WIKI is completely empty and the docs page does not show any section about HTTP API Reference. All in all it seems the official docs are somewhat incomplete. When I look at the and commits I can see features that are either undocumented or they are pretty well hidden. E.g. I could not find any documentation about lifecycle management.

I’m thankful for any hint :slight_smile: