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No META0 available in the namespace


Hi Yongsheng,

Those two step “meta0 service initialization and meta0 and meta1 restart” are placed in the documentation after the “ OPENIO” which fails whith an error "OPENIO-meta0-0 BROKEN -1 OPENIO,meta0,meta0-0"
At that stage very few people have already enough knowledge of the solution to know what is the proper command to pass to the system.
Maybe the documentation should state that you may need to manually start meta0 before going further.

Concerninhg the {“status”:404,“message”:“No handler found”} , the documentation should also states that it is “as requested” and that we have to install one of the available SDKs (the OpenIO CLI uses the python SDK internally), or a connector (Swift/S3) In order to interact with the store.