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New feature: rebuild of incomplete content on create


When creating new contents, it is possible for x reasons that every chunk is not put (network error, server not responding …).
If it is possible to recreate the missing chunks (like when having 2 copies when 3 are needed). Why not do it?
But we should be able to control when to recreate the content (nobody wants to do it on heavy load).

We create a way to notify on a incomplete content.
To use it you just simply need to add a handler to the storage.content.broken
Here comes a simple example:

Add to oio-event-handlers.conf

pipeline = content_rebuild

use = egg:oio#notify
tube = rebuild
queue_url = beanstalk://

And to start the rebuilding of the content
oio-blob-rebuilder $NAMESPACE --beanstalkd --beanstalkd-tube rebuild